Game Spray for Cats

With its origins from North Africa and Mediterranean, it is widely grown in Europe and North America today. A species of the mint family, this miraculous plant attracted the attention of cats for their mental and physical needs in the past centuries and it has been observed the cats consume it regularly. The interest of cats in this plant was monitored by the experts and its name was coined as “catnip” in the literature upon the discovery of its benefits. Specially prepared Beavis® Catnip Motivation Spray is developed for more effective results, with the supplements of natural catnip oil and valerian root. Compared to regular catnip sprays, it has a special and natural formula that calms and motivates the cats during the periods of training, games and in heat which are important for the cats. We may encounter some adaptation problems in our living spaces shared with our cats. The cat family, which still carries predatory genes, may inadvertently harm themselves and damage some items of furniture in our shared common living spaces. Not only does Beavis® Catnip Motivation Spray enable them to show special interest in the scratch boards, various toys and activity tools developed for them, but it also provides a full and complete support in all kinds of adaptation, behavior, training, motivation and adaptation processes.

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100 ml

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1 Tablet Ağırlığı
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Veterinary Formulated

Yeni Nesil Evcil Hayvan Bakımı

Beavis® markalı tüm ürünler, kedi ve köpekler için alanında uzman hekimler tarafından özenle formüle edilerek geliştirilmiştir. Dünyadaki evcil hayvan ihtiyaç ve tedavi yöntemlerini yakından takip ve analiz ederek sevimli dostlarımızın daha uzun ve sağlıklı yaşamaları için yeni eğilimlere uygun ürünler geliştirmeye devam etmekteyiz.

Beavis®, ürün gamında amacına uygun şekilde ve özenle formüle edilmiş, genelde doğal ve bitkisel ham maddeler kullanılarak üretilmiş, farklı ihtiyaçlara göre farklı ürünler bulunmaktadır. Bu ürünler kedi ve köpeklerin farklı beklentilerine doğru cevaplar vermek için ayrı ayrı hazırlanmış olup kullanım amacına göre dozajları ve ambalajları özenle belirlenmiştir.

New Generation Pet Care

All products of the brand Beavis ® are carefully formulated and developed for cats and dogs by specialist physicians. By closely following up and analysing the needs and treatment methods for the pets in the world, we continue to develop appro-priate products that suit the new trends, so that our cute friends can live longer and healthier.

Beavis ® product range include a wide range of products for various needs, which are formulated meticulously and properly for the intended purpose and produced widely from the natural and herbal raw materials. These products are prepared individually in an effort to meet the different expectations of the cats and dogs properly and therefore their dosages and packaging are determined depending on the intended use.